Stella M. Muñoz has been an integral part of E.M. Investigations, Inc. since 2002, bringing over 30 years of experience working with prestigious firms in both New York and Florida. With a degree in Paralegal Studies and a comprehensive understanding of state court procedures, Mrs. Muñoz plays a vital role in the agency.

Her responsibilities encompass case management, including file opening, motion preparation, hearings, depositions, trials, and case closure. Mrs. Muñoz's expertise lies in drafting and analyzing legal documents, summarizing production materials, conducting meticulous research, and preparing trial notebooks. As a Certified Paralegal, she effectively manages E.M. Investigations' workload and supports the private investigators with major multi-state cases by identifying relevant findings and ensuring compliance with local and corporate laws.

In the field, Mrs. Muñoz serves as the point person for information, providing live updates to the investigators. Her role as a crucial liaison involves gathering vital intelligence on cases and collaborating with investigators to develop effective strategies aligned with the client's objectives. Her due diligence is evident throughout the entire case process.

Mrs. Muñoz's exceptional work ethic, honesty, dependability, interpersonal skills, sound judgment, and discretion make her a valuable asset to our team of private investigators. Clients not only appreciate her professional skills but also find comfort in her approachable nature.

Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, Mrs. Muñoz bridges language barriers and ensures effective communication. At E.M. Investigations, Inc., her expertise and personal qualities contribute to providing the highest level of service to our clients.