Outsmarting the Scammers: The Hidden Trap of Gift Cards

Jun 23, 2023 | Fraud and Scam Alerts

When you casually grab a Walmart gift card off the shelf for a last-minute gift, you’re probably not considering the possibility of becoming the next victim of a crafty scam. Yet, with a subtle sleight of hand, scam artists are turning our well-intentioned gifts into a trove of illicit funds, exploiting a surprising vulnerability in the system. Here’s the intriguing underworld of the Walmart gift card scam and how you can avoid it.
Unseen and unheard, the scammer selects a gift card and discreetly uses a miniaturized wireless skimmer to capture the barcode details. Amid the shopping hustle, this scanner, no bigger than a keychain, stores the details of multiple cards while the scammer blends with the crowd.
Once their illicit “shopping” spree concludes, the cards are placed back at the front of the stack, ready for the next unsuspecting customer. The stage is set, and the scam just needs a participant to unknowingly play their part.
The real danger unfolds when a genuine customer purchases one of these skimmed cards. They add value to it, activating the card and setting off an alert in the scammer’s system.
At this point, the scammer can either transfer the ill-gotten funds onto a blank card bought from a site like eBay, or they may simply use the stolen information to make purchases online. All while the rightful owner remains blissfully unaware of the plunder happening under their noses. This scam often spikes during holiday seasons, with the delayed usage of these gift cards providing the perfect cover for the scammers’ activities.
However, the good news is that you are not defenseless. A few simple practices can keep your gift cards safe:
  • Always select a gift card from the back of the pile.
  • Opt for cards kept behind the counter under the attendant’s watch.
  • Use the card quickly if you’re the recipient, preferably as soon as possible.
Awareness is our best weapon against such scams. By understanding their strategies, we can outsmart these scammers, ensuring our gifts reach their intended recipients and not the pockets of criminals.
For more information and tips on scam prevention, visit us at: em-investigations-inc.com.
Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay safe.


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